Mercury poisoning after long-term inhalation of mercury fumes from the tenth of mercury from a thermometer becomes chronic and leads to neurosis and kidney damage. But if a child swallows mercury beads – immediately call an ambulance. A damaged mucosa will prevent only an experienced doctor.

Crashed thermometer. Immediately isolate in another room of children and animals. Well highlight the location of the leak of mercury to see all the smallest balls. In rubber gloves or in the package, tied on hand, quickly pick up the mercury. You can use wet newspaper, paper, soft, damp brush, Scotch tape or a band-aid. Even the smallest balls of mercury from a broken thermometer should be removed.

The mercury is recommended to collect in a jar with cold water, which is then tightly zakuporit, put on a balcony or in another cool place.

If crashed thermometer in hand, and there was a skin contact with mercury or the children managed to catch the mercury beads from a broken thermometer, it is necessary to consult a doctor. It is highly recommended to drink activated charcoal and a laxative, drink a Cup of strong tea. How to drink more fluids for excretion from the body residues of mercury.

Ventilate the room wide open Windows. A place where broken thermometer, treated with a solution of potassium permanganate or soap-soda solution, to prevent the volatility of mercury. Disinfection to produce 30 g of sodium with 40 g of soap dissolved in a liter of water.

If mercury from a thermometer gets on your clothing, it should be rinsed in cold water, then in soapy water for at least 30 minutes. Then the same in an alkaline solution and then washed in the machine with a double rinse.

- Do not throw a broken thermometer in the garbage disposal: evaporated gram of mercury pollutes 6 million cubic meters of air.

- Never sweep mercury with a broom or brush bristles will only crush the balls of mercury and scatter them in the air.

- It is forbidden to collect mercury from a broken thermometer with a vacuum cleaner, which will only increase the evaporation of mercury. Mercury will spoil the vacuum, it will have to be discarded because further work with a vacuum cleaner be dangerous to health.

- Do not open wide the window before all the mercury is collected, be aware of the volatility of mercury.

- Do not flush mercury down the drain – it will settle in the pipes and sewer pipes have already become a menace to the health of all users of that sewer, that is, the occupants of your home.

Collected from broken mercury thermometer in a jar of water it should immediately be taken to a recycling facility where her free will. Or just call home office professionals for emergency situations.