You will need
  • - 5 pieces of carrot;
  • - 2 green pepper;
  • - 1 head of cabbage,;
  • - 5 purified from the skin of the tomato;
  • - some green onions and parsley;
  • Sol;
  • - fruits and vegetables (except bananas).
Eat often, but little. Hunger is the enemy of quick and proper weight loss. Eat in small portions. Preferably, there are a lot of different fruits. Do not have to eat only oranges. Start the morning with fruit salad, at work – use a fruit snack.
Avoid eating fast food, if you want to quickly and correctly lose weight. Exclude from your diet fats. The minimum that you can afford - 25 grams per day. Strike out from your menu, fatty meats, sausages, vegetable and animal fats, cakes, egg yolks, baking, all the sweets and nuts, and other foods where the fat just rolls over. To compensate for the needs of the body fat gain Flaxseed oil and consume it.
Eliminate "bad" foods. This list includes chips, pasta, Coca Cola, canned food, canned compotes and etc. Such products are very harmful for the body who wants to lose weight. During weight loss should be considerably reduced daily rate of carbohydrate intake. As a result, you will quickly and significantly reduce the weight and volume. But you can afford some oatmeal or rice.
Pay attention to the following diet, which you will lose weight in three days. Prepare a special soup. Recipe: you need to take five pieces of carrot, a couple green pepper and one head of cabbage, peeled from the skin tomatoes – 5 pieces, some green onions and parsley. All the ingredients cut into cubes, a little salt and cook. On the first day, eat only soup and a variety of fruits (not bananas). 2nd day: same thing, only instead of fruit, use raw vegetables except beans. Then, the third day: soup plus various fruits and vegetables.
Engage in daily fitness. It is desirable to divide the workout into morning and evening. In the evenings you can arrange a small jog on the treadmill or to the gym.