You will need
  • - pipes of various diameter;
  • - fittings;
  • - brick;
  • tool;
  • - waterproofing;
  • - welding machine.
Start the Sewerage in the private house interior. Install vertical riser and hover over pipe from all inpribor – pipe should be placed under a small bias (5 mm per meter). From the sink there are pipes of internal diameter 50 mm, from bowl – 100 mm. If you plan to put the pump, the bias is not mandatory.
At the top of the riser put the ventilation grille, it should be located away from Windows and living areas. The riser pipe must rise above the ridge of the roof to not less than 0.5 meters. Well, if the riser is located near a heat source – this will speed up all processes.
From a standpipe located in the house, lay a horizontal outlet pipe – manifold, under a slope of not less than 0.02 (2 cm per meter of pipe). If there is Central sewer, connect to it, otherwise, you need to make a septic tank or cesspool.
Cesspool or septic tank put in not less than 20 metres away from a drinking well close to the road (to drive vacuum trucks). The larger the family, the greater should be the size of the pit. When you clear the pit twice a year for one person must be at least 0.5 cubic meters.
When the device of a cesspool to consider the position of the groundwater, in any weather, at any time of the year they should be no higher than 1 metre from the day of the cesspit. The bottom and walls of the pit lay the bricks or stone in order to achieve better water resistance. Don't forget about waterproofing.
For Sewerage network, use asbestos cement, cast iron or plastic pipe with a minimum diameter of 100 mm or pipes made of ceramic, with a diameter of 150 mm. the Optimum depth of laying the pipes of 1.7-2 meters (in Central Russia), just provide a slope of not less than 0,008-0,01.
That the pipes do not suffer and do not create congestion, try to put them on the pristine soil, i.e. dig a hole to the exact size. If you still need to change the position of the pipe, pour the soil gradually and immediately utrambovyvaya.
When the pipes are laid, check their position. At one end place a candle or lantern, another monitor – if done correctly, you'll see the light at the end of the pipe. Can then cover the trench.