You will need
  • - Hairdryer
  • - the straighteners;
  • - gum;
  • stud;
  • mousse;
  • - the locking means.
The winner of the short cuts you can make on the head artistic mess. To do this, blow dry damp hair using a comb, and just going through the strands with your hands. Fix the result varnish. In order for the image became even brighter, you can add a few artificial strands of bright colors.
Naturalness is always in fashion. And a natural hairstyle you can create in ten minutes. Dry your hair as you like, follow with a light mousse. Take a few strands and highlight them with gel, strong hold. They can be slightly curled.
Ponytail hairstyles of the diligent Schoolgirls turned into a glamorous trend. To build such a tail on the head, add with a round brush Masaki volume at the crown, and then fasten the hair at the nape taut rubber band. If you wear bangs, it is advisable to straighten or comb on the side. If you want to give her hair more volume, fingers slightly pull the hair on the crown. You can leave a few strands free. The resulting secure with hair spray or lacquer with fixing.
In order to make a fashionable bun, you will need to hair barrettes. First pitch on the head ponytail, take the hair at the base of the elastic, and then wrap the tail in a spiral and secure with pins. For reliability can strengthen hair fixing varnish.
The lush hair on his head, but a smooth front – to- another fashion trend this season. Straighten your bangs. Apply some mousse to damp hair at the crown of your head and dry it with a Hairdryer, creating additional volume. Then safesite hair back with a soft brush and secure with Bobby pins just below the crown. Secure the remaining hair in such a way that they covered hair clips. Fluff the hair with your fingers and use varnish.