Try to collect hair in a simple hairstyle by making a ponytail. This hairstyle is suitable for almost any occasions. If desired, add clips or Bobby pins and decorate the tail feathers, very fashionable this season.
Assemble the bun, twisting the hair clockwise and fixing them with special sticks or hairpins. Let a few strands: the sides of the face - longer front - shorter. Add a decorative barrette. So hairstyle will look airy and harmonious.
Use an alternative such hair. Apply the gel on the hair, gather it in a ponytail, secure with elastic band and weave braid. Wrap the braid around the elastic and secure with Bobby pins. The beam can be positioned at the back of the head or to lower it closer to the neck.
Cover the hair with wax collect in the tail, releasing the side lock. Lift them up and double-fold in half, holding with a hand and dipping close to the neck. Wrap hair strand loose and kill it with Bobby pins.
Apply wax to damp hair. Make a hairstyle "ponytail" and divide it in half. One strand tighten around the elastic and wrap it around the second received beam. Ensure that the tips of the hair were sent in opposite directions. The resulting hair clip decorative hair clips.
Braid a few thin braid, placing them as close as possible to each other. The hair treated with wax. Create the braided bun, freeing the strands on the sides.
Apply the cream for styling. Hair braid, leaving one side free lock. From braids to form a vertical beam, securing it with hairpins. The remaining strand wrap bun and put under a collapsed braid the tip of the strands. Using varnish to lock the hair.