You will need
  • Yarn, knitting needles
Select a color for the yarn, which will be connected your stripe. It needs not only to fit the face, but also perfectly blend in with outerwear.
Define for yourself what density will the dressing: if light and airy, it won't take thick spokes, and if the bandage will be more dense, and spokes should be fine.
Measure head circumference with a centimeter, but should not be too tighten or release the cm around the head, it can cause you bind or too small, or very large bandage. Don't forget that it will stretch a little.
Calculate how much you get of loops in one centimeter, then multiply that number by the number of inches obtained when measuring head circumference.
The resulting type after the calculation of the number of stitches and begin to knit. You can recruit the necessary number of loops and five spokes, then the armband will be without a seam, but you can on two spokes, but then you have to make a small back stitch.
Knit bandage is possible in both horizontal and vertical stripes. There are many different patterns that you can use when knitting stripes in the head. It can be decorated with stones and beads that give it a more festive look. You can also tie a bandage for sports, it would be ideal to remove the hair from his forehead, and climb in the face during training. Try pairing several options for dressings or for each day. Knitted stripes on the head can be used instead of the rim, it will not subside and pressure. At some points it even gives a special elegance and attractiveness of your hair and appearance, perfectly complementing the colors of the clothes.