You will need
  • - the passport.
Purchase on credit on the railway started on 1 June 2012. Noteworthy is the fact that the borrowed funds gives you a single Bank with which the railway - OAO KB "Vostochny". He dictates the terms of the loan to pay for the ticket.
The ticket is issued on credit, should cost no less than 1000 and not more than 25000 R. If the price of your travel document longer permitted, the difference can be paid in cash. Buying ticket for borrowed funds is the same as usual, is over the counter. Present your passport, and experts-the cashiers will issue the contract and will give you a plastic credit card. It you will pay for the purchase. According to experts, the entire procedure should not take more than 20 minutes. With 2 minutes to go on the loan, and the rest to give you a travel document and remove the card money.
The main advantage of card is that she has a grace period, i.e. within 55 days you can repay the loan money from the Bank without any Commission for their use. Disadvantage of this method of obtaining a loan that you will have to pay for the issue and service of cards. About 1,000 R.
To buy a ticket to a loan with a conventional consumer loan. You just need to make a contract with any acceptable financial institution, to obtain for him the necessary sum and to buy their travel document on the plane. On the same principle, you can buy a ticket on the train, bus, cruise ship, etc.
Alternatively, can use his own credit card, not necessarily released in KB "East". Just come to the box office the train station or airline and pay for purchases using your existing "plastic". Remember that the bus insurance companies do not always accept cards, so before buying a ticket to the center first remove the necessary amount. To repay the debt on the card will be under your loan agreement at registration of this credit card.