You will need
    • For 2 servings 250 g:
    • banana 1 piece;
    • 300 g strawberries;
    • water to taste;
    • mint for decoration.
Contaminated berries, rinse with water, clean from the stems. If strawberries are free of sand and you are sure its clean berries, it is better not to wash – they will lose some of its flavor and aroma. Pour the strawberries a little water and smash it with a blender until smooth.
Now peel the banana peeled, cut into small pieces and add to the strawberries. Again grind the mixture until a homogeneous mass. If you chop the banana and strawberries at the same time, there is a high probability that the banana will darken. The finished product will have an unattractive brownish color. In the proposed method, the banana slices are acidic, and this prevents it from darkening.
You get a fairly thick mixture, more like a puree than a juice. Dilute mass with cold water. If desired, squeeze the juice of a quarter lemon and mix. Pour the drink into glasses, add ice cubes and garnish with mint or strawberry. Insert into glasses cocktail straw and serve.