Take throughout the day paracetamol. He not only has antipyretic effect, but also has a slight anti-inflammatory effect. But if you have more than just a cold, for example, a sore throat, relief of the drug is short. At the dose of 500 mg can I drink paracetamol no more than 4 times a day, a large dose will cause poisoning.
If the body temperature is associated with joint pain, take not steroid anti-inflammatory. You have not only reduced the temperature, but the pain will be less.
Drink raspberry tea or decoction from the leaves of the miracle plant. Raspberry well reduces temperature, and has a diaphoretic property, which is important for fighting colds. If you have allergies, it is better not experiment, the condition can only get worse.
Eat a lemon or take vitamin C. a Known antioxidant improves the body's resistance and the temperature can go myself. This method of improvement is not being suitable for people with high acidity. If you have taken any antipyretic, which and so contains vitamin C, do not use an extra dose nor lemons, nor with other products.
Unfortunately, if the inflammation is in the body only extends, to cope with temperature difficult. Call the doctor and set aside all the things, because health is more important. Reducing the temperature and postponing the visit to the hospital, you just push the medication for later, without which the recovery did not come.