You will need
  • - Sound Forge;
  • - access to the Internet.
If you have high speed Internet access, use online resources to quickly implement a change in the format of a music track. Turn on the computer and activate the Internet connection. Start a web browser and open the website
Click "Choose file". After Explorer is running, select music track, the format of which you need to change. Now check the box next to mp3 in the Format field. Similarly, activate the option "Very high quality".
After preparation, click "Convert". Wait for the utility. After some time, will launch a new window. Click the "Download" button. Test the file after the download is complete.
If you want to be able to change the format of the audio file without Internet access, install a Sound Forge. Remember that this is a fairly powerful audio editor that allows you to apply various effects to the tracks. With this app you can not only change the file format, but also to improve the sound quality.
Run Sound Forge. Go to File and click Open. Select the desired audio file. Wait until he'll be loaded into the working window of the program. After that again open the File menu and go to option Save As.
Wait for the run dialog menu that contains information about the file. Select the type mp3. Set the value of the bit rate. To ensure good sound quality, use a setting of 256 kbit/s.
Select the directory to save the new audio file. Click the Save button. Similarly, change the format of the other audio tracks. You can also use a less complicated program, for example, Total Audio Converter.