You will need
  • - rhinestones;
  • - adhesive for rhinestones;
  • - toothpicks;
  • - fine tweezers;
  • brush for nail art.
Prepare your nails. Do thorough cleaning, apply the desired nail shape and Polish them. If your manicure has been damaged and nails, swipe procedure to strengthen them.
Before doing nail art design using rhinestones, consider the pattern or arrangement of design. Pick a shade of nail Polish. For more effectiveness, combine rhinestones decoration with picture on the nails, done with a brush.
Prepared the nail paint of the desired color. Then with a toothpick or needle, transfer the decoration to the nail plate. Do it as fast as possible so the paint had time to dry and the rhinestones are well bonded. Make sure that the Polish is not smudged.
You can glue the rhinestones and special glue, so the decoration will stay longer. Using a thin brush designed for nail art, leave on the nail plate small drop of glue. The dotted line from the adhesive, apply along the line of the intended pattern. Do everything carefully so the glue does not spread out. Each drop equals one decoration.
Using fine tweezers, place the rhinestone onto the drop of glue. If you habitually use a toothpick, do not forget to moisten the tip in the water. To capture the rhinestone push the end of a toothpick to decorate and carry on the nail.
Press the rhinestones to the nail and wait a while – the varnish needs to dry out. Then cover decorated with colorless nail tool or a special hardener. Again wait until dry.
To make a fashionable variant of the French manicure, apply your nail tips rhinestones Golden, silver or transparent colors. Use to apply a needle or a toothpick and make sure that the crystals were the same size, lay them on the "smile line".