Find out on what basis you can not enter the territory of Kazakhstan. You will need to issue one of the long-term visas. There is a special visa for prospective students, universities willin Kazakhstanand, for employees of local state and private companies, as well as for persons eligible for Kazakhstan citizenship.
If you plan to study in Kazakhstan, contact your local University and get an invitation, stamped by the University. In case of employment you will need to show an invitation from the employer. Spouses of citizens of Kazakhstan need a visa marriage certificate, signed in Kazakhstan or in Russia.
When leaving Kazakhstan for permanent place of residence specify if you are eligible for a simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship. This is possible if you have had permanent residence on the territory of Kazakhstan until March 1, 1991, and did not subsequently waive the right to a nationality. However, note that when the citizenship of Kazakhstan you will have to abandon the Russian.
Contact the Embassy of Kazakhstan to obtain the visa. If you have no passport, pre-arrange it with the Federal migration service at the place of residence. Documents attach filled in form for visa, which you can download on the website of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Moscow. Also, add to the securities passport photograph and a photocopy of your Russian internal passport. Visa processing takes five working days and may be extended in rare cases, the need for additional study of your application.
In Kazakhstan redeem your visa after the expiration of the period of validity of the residence permit or apply for registration of citizenship.