Shoes may be cleaned with a conventional rubber brush. If you have a weak contamination, hold it over the steam, then clean with a brush. For tough dirt, use a special foam cleaner that is available in stores.
Buy a brush "Twist-Velour" and gently brush your nubuck. After the full cleansing let your shoes dry for about a day. Can handle the internal part of a special deodorant, because the shoes often becomes an unpleasant odor.
Strong pollution delete soapy water and a sponge. In the water add a few drops of ammonia: thus the effect will be much better. After this treatment can tint nubuck special sprays.
If the shoes was brilliant, clean it with gasoline or sprinkle talcum powder. A few hours thoroughly clean brush for nubuck. Use only one or the other. If you first wet with gasoline, and then cause the hoist, the white neudalimye spot will be guaranteed. Talcum powder sprinkle only dry shoes.
Color restore special liquid creams for leather, but before going outside, treat the shoes with water-repellent spray. With regular care of the material thing goes through more than one season and will not lose the original form.