You will need
  • Beads, fishing line
Enter on the line the required number of beads. Turn the thread into a ring, to understand whether you are satisfied with such a diameter of the harness.
Thread your line through the very first bead, which began netting and following it. String on a thread one bead, and slide the end of the line in the fourth bead from start of weaving. The bead of the second row is on the third bead from the end.
String the next bead and thread the fishing line again in the first row, skipping one bead in the base.
Continue to weave such a scheme, while the length of the harness will be sufficient. In each next row the new beads must be placed in the "gap" between two adjacent beads of the previous row. To the netting went up, strictly follow the number of beads and enough pull on the fishing line by moving the beads up over the previous close.