You will need
  • - Long nylon thread (approximately 160 cm);
  • - a small number of two-millimeter beads (approximately 500-600 units);
  • - a pair of scissors.
Weave a four-harness. To do this, fold the thread in half so that you have two end. Place the first bead in the middle of the double strand. Then put one busine on each end of the thread. Fourth, end bead, string, again, on both ends. Put again on every thread on a single bead, and then another, closing. Thus weave a chain length of 15 cm After closing put two beads on one thread, followed by a closing. In the end of the thread out side of the chain.
How to weave a harness from <strong>beads</strong>
On the thread that is closest to the last closing bead, string two beads, then wear one locking bead on both strands. Next, thread one thread through the side bead of the first chain and the second thread put two beads. The two strands pass through the locking bead. Similarly, continue to weave the second row. When duplicate till the end of the chain whipping on the third row similarly to the second.
Next you need to connect the first and third rows fourth row. For this thread, which was closer to the last closing busine third row, put a single bead. After that thread the last thread through the side bead of the first row. Both threads put one bead to the ends of the threads was part of the bead towards each other. Both strands pass through the nearest side bead of the extreme ranks. Then again both threads are passed through the locking bead. Continue to braid in this model until the end of the harness. In conclusion, tie a triple knot. The harness of bead ready.
How to weave a harness from <strong>beads</strong>