You will need
  • Fantasy, imagination, concentration, a pen and paper.
If you're reading this, you probably have some desire. Maybe even a dream. You dream about the love of any boy or girl, good grades, to win the competition, an interesting job and high salary. What exactly do you dream known only to you.You close your eyes and imagine a person, already have what you need. You experience the joy, sweet anticipation, experiencing the desired state. But somewhere deep down you can feel the anxiety. What if it's just empty dreams? We are not going to clog your bright head shaman rituals of divination, of which there are countless for every taste: Tarot cards, crystal ball gazing, divination by the hand; Daisy, the coin - as much as divination. There is one "but". Divination is not a step brings you closer to the cherished goal. Why guess if you can implement?
Take a deep breath, count to ten. Calm down, relax. And understand the main thing: come true your desire or not – depends on you. The realization of your dream is, first and foremost, your job.
To start, you need to articulate your desire and turn it into intent. For example: "I want to buy the next year's car," "I want to become the head of the group", "I want to marry the guy I love". Dream a little, let your imagination run wild, imagine that your desire has already come true.
Then ask yourself: "What do I need to make a wish come true? That may be an obstacle to my desire? What good will give me the exercise of my intentions?"
Write down the answers to these questions on a sheet of paper.
Make a plan. When there is a plan it is much easier to understand how to act. If the task is large, it makes sense to split it into several small, realistic, easily achievable steps. Write your plan on paper.
And don't sit on the couch, try, experiment. Having the intention to act. Use every moment of your life wisely.