You will need
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • The love of man
  • Fantasy
To return his interest, more importantly – like yourself. If you don't like yourself, then who do you like? Dissatisfied people tend to have a depressive nature and constantly give into others psychological pressure. Look at yourself in the mirror and out loud say that you're wonderful. When you do believe it, your husband will look at you with interest.
Get yourself a hobby. If a man feels that he is the only joy of your life, he constantly feels the burden of responsibility, and that's not very interesting. Try to do something else. Seeing that you don't follow him closely, the man himself will come to you.
Find out what language of love he speaks. The Internet to find information about five love languages and figure it out. If he loves he the gifts, compliments or in need of constant support? Try to talk to him in his language of love, it will refresh your relationship, and you return his interest in himself.
Do not relax for a second. Every day you can use to surprise your man. Show him that you are ready to impress his new makeup or hairstyle, despite the years of living together, and it's still worth your efforts. This way you certainly will again return the interest men.