Female names with the ending –Wii not biased in the singular nor in the plural. In all cases the name, for example, MosloWii, will remain unchanged: Catherine MoloVij, Catherine MasloVij, Ekaterina MasloVij, Ekaterina MasloVij, Ekaterina MasloWii, Yekaterina MasloWii. For the plural name will be written also: Elena and Olga MasloWii, Helena and Olga MasloVij, Elena and Olga MasloVij, Elena and Olga MasloWii, about Elena and Olga MasloWii.
Male names na –tions bow always. For singular: Sergey VugoWii, Sergey Blogovia, Sergei Viovio, Sergey Blogovia, Sergei Pugoween, Sergei Vugava. Surnames ending on –Wii in the plural declinable like nouns of the male kind: visited Lugovyi, Soloviev; said news Lugoviy, Maslovian; talked about Vukovich, Maslovich and so on. That is, in the plural masculine surname is to lean way: the father and the son, VugoViy, father and son Lugovyi, father and son Lugoviy, father and son Visaview, father and son Vukovije about a father and son Vukovich.
In the decline of the names onthe Wii there is a purely syntactical nuance. If you mention this name, both male and female names at the same time, to persuade her is also not necessary. Example: Elena and Sergey VugoVij, Elena and Sergei, VugoVij, Elena and Sergey, VugoVij, Elena and Sergei, VugoVij, Elena and Sergei, VugoWii, about Elena and Sergey, VugoWii.
Of course, in order to the letter, the nameWii was mentioned correctly, it is necessary to know the gender of the person who wears it.