You will need
  • gloves
  • - detergent for wool
  • - glycerin or castor oil
  • - whisk from the mixer
Wash the gloves with your hands and in the washing machine on manual mode. Importantly, the water was barely warm, and the cleanser is very gentle. For these purposes, perfectly gel for washing wool. Dissolve it in water, dip in soap solution gloves, RUB them in their hands, paying special attention to the contaminated places.
Do not tighten procedure to soak the gloves are also not necessary. Long exposure to water can ruin the skin. Change the water to clean, add a little vinegar or glycerin, rinse the gloves, it is Possible that water for rinsing will have to change 2 or 3 times. It is very important to wash from skin with soap residue to the end.
If you have in the house is a machine for drying clothes, keep her gloves on for 15-20 minutes under the conditions of blowing cold air. Otherwise, hang items from the ajar window or other breezy place. The longer skin is dry, the more chances for education in her odor.
Gloves must be dry inside, so put inside the beaters from the mixer, to ensure the penetration of air into products. During drying periodically prokatyvaja gloves with an ordinary wooden rolling pin, this will help to avoid zagublena skin.
If the skin was still hard, dried grease gloves with glycerine or castor oil, put on the hand and walk them 2 hours or three. This will be enough to get your gloves again become soft as before washing.