To attach to bottom of gear leashes, use a simple dead loop. To do this, fold line, fold it in half and tie it in the end a simple knot. To improve this loop, peregnul fishing line, wrap it once around both ends, then thread through the loop and tighten.
Another loop option is sea loop. To tie her up, fold the fishing line and loop it into a loop through which the free end of the skip line. Solstice the free end of the other end and thread through same loop. Tighten the end of the fishing line in a knot, holding the opposite edge of the line.
For anchor and cargo you can use the node "Cross". To do this, measure from the end of the line two meters and tie a simple single knot, without tightening it. Step back two feet from the knot and tie a second knot, Perekrestov it with the first node. Then dilute with related parties, stretching the hinges, put in the center of the "cross" load and thread through all the loops end of the rope. Link it to the main rope with a strong knot.
To tie the stopper moving the float, take fishing line diameter of 0.4 mm, fold it double and attach the main fishing line to the free end, making five or six turns. Secure the retainer with the loop obviuos.
Tie the leashes to the ground can be another loop that can be quickly and easily linked to any fishing line. Fold the fishing line propetly, hold your thumb and index finger of the left hand. The right hand fold line from left to right, and then slide the top loop into a small loop. Tighten the resulting knot.
The loop to attach the leash. If the leash need to be tied to the main line, make the line two half loop two poluustav, sending them in different directions, then do the same on the leash, weaving floornodes of the leash consistently in the same nodes on the line. Tighten sequentially to all nodes.