You will need
  • A good hairdresser.
Find men's haircuts individually, because facial features, skull shape and body type dictate the characteristics of hairstyle for every man. Together with the fashion trends should take into account the anatomical nuances of appearance.
Contact the experienced hairdressers. They know how to pick men haircut, always objectively refer to the features of appearance of their clients and will definitely help to make the right decision.
When choosing men's haircuts, we must note that they are divided into classic and creative. The most simple hairstyle belonging to the first type is a haircut bald. With this hair or shave machine at all, or leave a few millimeters.
If the task is to pick up men's haircut that would look neat, you can leave short hair same length all over the head surface. Stylish and nothing more. It should be noted that such haircut is best suited to men with the correct form of the skull. You can leave the hair slightly longer at the front, you get a so called buzz cut. Most often this option prefer men with enough hard straight hair.
Creative haircuts for men help to create a unique and modern way. Select youth style – it involves strands of different lengths, messy styling.
Other options – haircut "Gavroche", with very long hair in the back and short at the temples and sides, or asymmetrical strands with bangs.
If you have a round face and chunky cheeks, select a haircut short without a clear outline at the back and sides. The whisky should be of medium length. If the forehead is low, this feature will help to hide long bangs that cover the hairline on the forehead. The hair located on it, must be laid sufficiently voluminous.
Choosing mens haircut for elongated face, first and foremost, abstain from long hair, straight parting and a drooping mustache. Suitable haircut with short hair at the sides (2-3 cm), the volume on top. The forehead will help to close the thinned (milled) bangs. Narrow chin mask a small beard.
When choosing mens haircuts for a triangular face you first need to disguise the forehead! Haircut needs to be equally short (1-2 cm), and the strands are laid in different directions with wax. Clearly delineated whiskey in this embodiment, mens haircuts contraindicated. There is another option: short strands on the sides and on top – long hair is modeled using mousse. If the nose is too short, get rid of the bangs.