You will need
  • The recommendations of the dentist.
The type of bristle.
In the manufacture of electric tooth brushes use synthetic material, whereby the bristles clean their teeth just the tips of the brush, but also the side surfaces. The diameter of the bristles of the toothbrush, medium hardness should be approximately 0.20 mm. People who are allergic to synthetic fiber, can choose a brush made of natural material.
Stiffness bristle brush.
Toothbrushes degree of hardness are divided into the following types: extra soft, soft, medium-hard, hard, extra - hard. Brush that has soft bristles, designed for children and people with diseases of the oral cavity. A stiff brush is recommended to use adult people with a strong periodontal tissues and suffering from increased formation of dental plaque. In many electric brushes combined bristles of various hardness that can effectively clean teeth while not injuring the fabric.
The shape of the brush.
The best form for electrical brush is round. These brushes can take in addition to a reciprocating circular motion, still vibrating. A factor that allows a person not make an effort to clean teeth, brush itself effectively cleans the mouth.
The number of rows of bristles.
The best distance between rows of bristles is 2.5 mm. in length, the Number of bristles in the tuft should be about 30. For adults the recommended electric toothbrushes having four rows of bristles. For children the best fit of the brush with three rows of bristles. Monopikovye electric brushes intended for cleansing the plaque on the teeth.
Speed electric brushes.
A good electric toothbrush should have several speed modes. The best number of speed modes are two.
Some electric brushes work on penlight batteries, which is very expensive. It is better to purchase an electric toothbrushwhich is rechargeable battery.
Electric toothbrush should not be heavy. The optimal weight is – 1—or 200g.