To make fire using mirrors convex lens from the camera or binoculars. Need to find more such materials that easily ignite. Suitable sawdust and shavings, rags, paper, rope, bird feathers, hay, etc. it All needs to be put in a place protected from wind and moisture. You then catch in the lens a beam of sunlight and direct it to a bunch of flammable materials. When you ignite the flame, you need to put him first, thin twigs. then thicker branches, firewood.
How to make <b>campfire</b> without <strong>matches</strong>
Flammable materials well-lit with flint and flint (steel plates). Flint can serve as a hard stone, flint - knife or any steel bar. Kroemer need to keep around a bunch of flammable materials and hit them about flint. Sparks should popadat the center of the pile. When you see smoke, neinastran to blow on the incipient flame. Then gradually dilute with a large fire, adding the fire with wood.
How to make <b>campfire</b> without <strong>matches</strong>
To light a fire using bow and drill. Need to make a tight bow, pulling on the stick the rope. a belt or drawstring. You then need to make a small hole in a dry and solid wood. Followed by fast & long twist with a bow a dry soft shaft in this hole. In the end, get black powder. similar to dust. It will arise a spark, it must be transferred to pre-harvested flammable materials.
How to make <b>campfire</b> without <strong>matches</strong>