You will need
  • - matches; - the blade; - the wood - kindling.
Before starting the fire, choose a spot for it. It is desirable that it was covered from the rain and wind, removed from the tents and tree roots. By the place, clear the ground from branches, dry leaves, grass and moss. Safer to build a fire in the old fireplace, near ponds or in special areas. If you know that in the area were fighting, examine the campfire to detect unexploded ammunition.
In any case not light a fire under the trees and between the facing surface tree roots. In this case, a particularly dangerous coniferous trees, as they are flammable. Do not plant a fire in coniferous young growth and dead wood, as well as in areas with dry grass and scattered stones, where there is a high buildup of forest fuel debris.
If in the forest the strong winds, dig a small pit, which will continue in the future to divorce the fire. You can impose a next hearth stones (if any), they will help save fuel, as long time keeping you warm. Stones can be used to warm the bed and also as a heating stand for wok cooking.
Fire pit is very important to choose the right fuel. Dry firewood from trees of hardwood smoke, and birch wood is too wet. Small and dry firewood gives a strong flame, but burns out after a couple of minutes. The wood of hornbeam and oak will give a great heat, a fire can burn for two hours – great for cooking. Dry animal droppings, dried wood and peat can also be used as fuel.
Place the collected wood in the form of a house or tent. Down between the logs place the kindling – flammable materials. To do this, use resinous wood, dry moss, bark of coniferous trees, reeds or a special liquid on the paraffin-based. It remains only to light the kindling with matches, they should be in the backpack of every tourist. A fire of this type is convenient for night lighting and cooking, however it requires a large amount of firewood to be collected in advance.
To keep the fire burning, adjust the amount of fuel required, size of gaps between logs and logs. If you are going to burn a fire all night, you must assign the duty for him to sleep was in no danger. After the campaign the fire must be thoroughly extinguished: fill it with water or cover with sand until the complete disappearance of embers and the embers, stir again and pour. Wait until he stops to hover. Only way to avoid a forest fire.