That's what mistakes are made in the organization of food: often it does not satisfy even the lightweight roofs that are not happy in case of rain, any guests or owners themselves. Too much area leads to high produvaemosti summer kitchen. It is also not an option. Sometimes the owners decide to put in the kitchen garden tools (shovels, rakes, bags of fertilizer, etc.). Hardly what the guest it will be like. In addition, this negative picture does not contribute to the appearance of appetite.
The best solution is the construction of spaces with operable walls. This will allow owners to adjust the internal atmosphere of a summer kitchen, depending on weather conditions and precipitation. Here's how to do it.
For the construction of the summer kitchen you will need a frame made of bars cross-section 150x150 mm. This will be the base of the frame. For walls, you should use the boards section of 100x100 mm. Walls can be clad with boards or paneling. The resulting wall panels are made of boards section 50x70 mm, and then sheathed with plywood, pre-coated with hot linseed oil on both sides. If you don't like wooden structures, it is possible for walls to apply a transparent plastic.
Then, on the Foundation frame, you need to install the roof. The material for the roof is possible to choose the diverse. For roof you can use plywood. As it is you have to rely on the Foundation frame, plywood should be easy. You can also use wood or plastic. The construction of the summer kitchen will take you only a few days. There doesn't even have to be an experienced carpenter.
The summer kitchen interior usually consists of a plate, working table and sink. If you intend to prepare better to beat the summer kitchen light wicker chairs, a convenient table and decorative flower vases. You get a cozy second living room, located in the fresh air. In this room will not be ashamed to take friends and acquaintances at any time in any weather.