You will need
    • Small fish
    • spices
    • vegetable oil or tomato paste
    • Bay leaf
    • onion
    • glass jars with lids
To prepare the canned fish products you need to stock up on fish (preferably not too large), onion, vegetable oil. You will also need salt, tomato paste, Bay leaf. Clean the fish, release it from the inside. Then the fish should be salt in this state to hold not less than nights.
Prepare a suitable sized glass jar (with a capacity of half a liter). Slice the onion rings. Place in jars onion, Bay leaf, tomato paste (about two tablespoons), pour the same amount of vegetable oil, if you decided to do a canned food in oil, not pasta.
Place the fish in the jars as tightly as possible. Then close their lids but not too tight, then banks should be put in the oven for sterilization. Instead of the oven you can use a regular stove or oven.
After such sterilization your canned food is almost ready. For longer storage roll up them accordingly. However, canned fish, thus prepared, can be used to eat immediately after manufacture.
But the way to make it at home sprats. Take small fish, rinse it. The scales should not be removed. You'll need enamelware, for example, pan, which should put the fish in rows. Slice rings of onion and place it on the bottom of the pan.
Salt should separate each layer of fish. Add pepper, Bay leaf, other spices to taste. Top pour one to two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Fish fill the entire pan, lay fish on top of another layer of onions. Left to pour into a saucepan half a glass of vinegar. Water is not required. Now we need to keep our culinary masterpiece at least three hours on low heat.
Cooked canned spread out on a pre-prepared banks, then they should be cool. Roll up banks is not necessary, it is quite suitable cover of polyethylene. Bon appetit!