Among the decorations especially popular are gold plated earrings. They may have a different design, but the price is always quite reasonable. Of course, the cost of the product is affected by the nature of the insertion, because such jewelry with semi-precious stones. But precious stones (corundum, diamonds) do not put in the silver earrings with gold.

Gold plated earrings with minerals and stones

Earring with gold plating is often used silver. Because silver is easy to work with, it lends itself well to the procedure of gilding. Jewelers use various inserts in order to emphasize the beauty of jewelry. On the basis of the used stone select several types of earrings.

Gold plated earrings with pearls. Delicate pearls perfectly complements the elegant style of the owner. The combination of pearl and Golden color - it has long been a classic.

Gold plated earrings with cubic Zirconia. These stones transparent colour resembling diamond. Cubic Zirconia is easy to put different shapes or be socketed into a separate part of the jewelry.

Gold plated earrings with Topaz. This option is more rare, because Topaz is a valuable gem.

How to clean gold plated earrings

First remove all surface dust, then wipe the product with a cloth soaked in alcohol or turpentine. Even for cleaning gold plated earrings suitable conventional ammonia or a solution of Marseilles soap.