You will need
  • Check hard disk specialized antivirus programs.
The problem is that already the previously installed antiviruses that you got not for free, can't catch this "infection" on the fly. You can come other free utility created to clean all kinds of threats where conventional antivirus can not cope. An example would be a free utility from the developer Dr.Web - Cure It! Install and run this program will not cause you difficulties. In the absence of viruses when testing this product, restart the computer and go into safe mode. Most viruses can block search viruses.
There is also the possibility that the virus settled in the core of your operating system. In this case, the antivirus will not be able to find such a virus. In this case, you need to check your hard drive on another computerthat is clean (pre-tested antivirus).
Sometimes it is enough to use a special boot disks. These disks are loaded at startup and checks the most vulnerable areas of your shell on the presence of dangerous elements. Such disks can be found in most modern manufacturers of anti- virus.