You will need
  • - primary accounting documents.
Start account surpluses discovered during inventory enabling debit 41, 91.1 the loan. It will be a parish specified in the accounting documents of the enterprise. Guide market valuation for each item of inventory separately, summarize the results. Nerealizovannyi income-in-kind note when determining the tax base, given the provision of article No. 40 of the Tax code, without including VAT (letter of the Ministry of Finance N03-03-01-04/1/19).
Note all capitalized surplus when calculating the profit tax (article No. 250 No. 254 of the RF Tax code). Write off the losses, not all of the cost of capitalized surplus, and only the amount of income tax that has already been paid.
When the regrading of inventory excess and shortage specify the collation report. The number of names must match. The material document is issued by the responsible entity, is transferred to the resolution and approval of the Director. The signed document will be the statement that all item positions are correct. Offset by the surplus and shortage can you make an exception for a fiscal period (Ministry of Finance order No. 49 dated 13.06.95.). In this case the person in charge shall explain the reason for the regrading.
If guilty persons are not established, the difference amounts to write off the costs of treatment and production. It will be considered as shortage over norms decline.
Accurate results of inventory accounting will help you to easily deal with excess and shortage during the next audit record.
During the realization of the surplus discovered in the course of inventory management, keep in mind the costs for the same market price, which was determined during the inventory (Federal law №281-F3, article No. 254 of the RF Tax code).
99 debit and credit 68 note constant tax liability. When transferring inventory items in manufacturing make the transaction the debit 20, the credit 10.