The first thing is to stop feeling sorry for yourself, you need to recognize that the feeling of pity you have for yourself, and not hide it. This is the most difficult step on the way of getting rid of self-pity, because it is very difficult to admit their bad sides.
Next to get rid of feelings of self-pity, I have to keep this feeling: in what situations and to achieve what goals it is you have manifested. You may often feel sorry for yourself when you are scolding at work. In fact, to feel for yourself is pointless: the situation does not change, but the hatred of work you will gain quickly.
Once you understand where this self-pity arises, try to replace her other feelings – cheerful and positive. For example, if you feel that loved ones do not appreciate your help, and sorry myself for it constantly, think about it: you're a good man, doing much good for the people and, therefore, have great potential. And they're absolutely not obliged to answer you the same, you help them because you love them. When you cease to wait from the native flurry of gratitude and will help them from the heart, they will begin to appreciate you and your actions.
To stop feeling sorry for yourself, you need every time you'll want to do, need to write a complaint on a sheet of paper. Read it, if it is not yours, but belongs to a stranger. Try to understand how it makes you feel. What would you like to say to this person? It should be honest, do not use the standard feelings of compassion, tell me what you really think. This method will give you the opportunity to look at ourselves and understand how pointless and depressing sometimes self-pity.
When you stop feeling sorry for yourself, you will understand how much I have lost in life and how many opportunities for the future gained.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, create your life!