For starters look at yourself in the mirror. To stop being shy, you need to look good. Think, perhaps, you need to change something in their appearance, to look on all 10 points. And then you become much more self-confident.
The next step to stop being shy. It is not banal sounds, but you need to communicate with a greater number of different people. Looking for a great place to find interesting people. Communicate and increase their level of confidence.
To stop being shy, it is not necessary all the time to look at your shoes, you need to raise the head. Keep your back straight, smile and don't be afraid. All the people you see are people just like you. Learn to look people in the eye. Do – until it becomes a habit. Try to look confident until you really are confident will not.
Even if you think it's lame to stop being ashamed of myself to stand in front of a mirror and learn to speak. Practise diction, tone of voice, try not afraid to speak. Imagine that you face the person you tell the story. Try not to stutter, not stumble on words. Do this until you see that everything is indeed perfect.
Make small but sure steps than large and clumsy. Do not jump above the head, do everything slowly. Do not try to speed up the process. Not vizualtech to give a speech in front of an audience, if you're not ready for that.

Use these tips, and soon you will no longer be ashamed of yourself!