In some cases, modesty is not a virtue, but a flaw? This quality is not first in the list of character traits that are useful for promotion. To guide you have noticed modest to be impossible. On the contrary, it should be safe to come up with new ideas, suggestions to improve workflow, offer the solution of difficult problems. Of course, all your work will be on view at the chief. And quietly sit in the corner will not work. But you will not until retirement to vegetate in one post. And career the boss will choose you.
Modest people are usually a bit more shy. And very often simply afraid to ask about something. Although, if you really need assistance, the requested service is not bad. Especially if you're asking people who for the service and still get the money. For example, do not be afraid to ask the seller to bring you into the fitting room a couple of things. Consultants receive a percentage of any product sold, so they think that their service is already included in the price.
Modesty is superfluous in various state institutions - the pension Fund, tax service, traffic police and so on. Unfortunately, most local officials still hold the old Soviet patterns of behavior. And constant tea breaks, the delay of admission, vague answers to questions raised are still very common. But this fight is not only possible, but necessary. Don't forget that the salary of officials is composed of taxpayers ' money. This means that you also pay for the existence of these people. That is, the expression "public servant" has a very real basis. So feel free to come into the office you need the official reception hours. Do not fall back, if you are asked to come in an hour, day, month, century. You came now and now solve your question. And if you resistance - contact with a claim to a higher organization.
Stop being modest easy. Practice makes perfect. More talk to strangers, make conversation first, find new friends. Find a passion or hobby, associated with active interaction with others. Job change to one that will allow you to show all your accomplishments. Then the modesty of the basic qualities of your character to turn into a nice addition. And you will become confident, strong modern woman.