Go to Yandex.People. On the right you will see a form to compose a search query. In the first line you can enter the criteria by which you are going to find a man. It can be anything – starting from the name of name and patronymic, and ending with his Hobbies, occupation or favorite books. When filling only the first line of the results will be very much, since the search is performed on all profiles posted on social networks, so complete the city, which can be specified as place of birth, and estimated age of the person you want. Try to enter the acronym of the educational institution where he studied or the place of work of which you are aware.
Use the search features by category using the search engine "Yandex". Go to the categories and click on "find people". You will see a list of sites with which you will be able to find the right person. Keep in mind that some sites may require you to register. Sites arranged in order of popularity, so it makes sense to start with those that are in the first places.
If your search does not yield the desired result, go to the main page of a search engine. Group the data that you have on your person, whether address, phone number, passport number or email address – enter them one by one, carefully perusing the information found. To eliminate the possibility of finding people with the same name, and your desired subject, restrict your search to a townin which it is located. Little by little collect the information to create a complete list of contracts. Pay special attention if the search pop documents – they can contain much more data than is made public.