Ring on his right hand say about the state of its owner at the moment. Decoration on the left hand show what state it would be desirable for him.
If you are emotional and excitable, wearing a ring on his thumb. Decoration will keep your temper, pacify aggression towards others and will help to make the process of communicating with people easier and more harmonious.
On the index finger ring is recommended to wear a shy and indecisive people. Decoration is able to increase the self-esteem of its owner, make it more decisive and insightful, to help people believe in themselves and to expand the horizons of knowledge. In addition, the ring on the forefinger – a symbol of success and good luck. Adorning jewelry both fingers on left and right hand, you will understand others that will not stop at nothing in the quest to achieve this.
The ring on the middle finger will help you to overcome the difficulties of life, endowed with wisdom, constancy and devotion. The Central finger, the longest and noticeable, the best shows are put on him a ring. That is why it is customary to wear family jewelry.
The decoration on the ring finger in the first place indicates the marital status of the owner. The ring on the left hand speaks about the desire to find a soul mate. The ring on his right hand are people who are married. It relates to engagement. Any other decoration on the ring finger emphasizes the passion of its owner for beauty, refinement and luxury. If you are calm and confident, stop your choice on a neat little ring. If you are emotional and expressive, give preference to the major product.
The presence of the ring on the little finger says about narcissism, coquetry, cunning and penchant for intrigue. The decoration on this finger helps to establish business contacts and to find common language with any person.