To know the type and model of network card in different ways. If the device is external, you can see his markings with my own eyes. To do this, unplug the computer from power supply, remove the screws that hold the side panel of the system unit, and remove it. Remove from the slot the network card and find its characteristics.
If the card is integrated, look for the motherboard model name. Usually it writes over the PCI slots or between the CPU and RAM slots. On the manufacturer's website you can get full information about the integrated devices.
To obtain information about the devices can be tools Wundows. After booting the system go to "control Panel", double click to expand "administrative tools" and click the icon "computer Management". In the console window, click the snap-in "device Manager". The right side of the screen will display a list of components of the system unit.
Expand "Network adapters". If the system has determined the network adapter and installed the driver for it, the model will appear in the list . If the network card is not identified, it is placed in the list of "other devices" and marked with yellow question mark.
To display the context menu, right-click on your network card and select "Properties". In the tab "Information" in the list select "Codes (ID) the equipment". Information about the device contains a 4-digit code after the letters DEV (Device – the "Device"), the manufacturer, after the letters VEN (Vender – "the Manufacturer").
Go to the website and enter in the Search field Vendor code manufacturer field Device Search code of the device. The program displays the name of the manufacturer and model of the network card.
You can use third party programs for information about the devices. Download from developer website free utility PC Wizard and run it. Under "Hardware" click "General information". In the right part of the screen the program displays information about the components of the system unit, including on the network adapter.