If you come to Russia for a bit, exchanging rights is not necessary. You can continue to polzovatsa foreign driving permits. This applies both to the Russian citizens that permanently reside abroad and standing there on consultco register and to foreigners who arrived in the country less than ninety days on a short-term visa.
In the case when your foreign law do not contain text in English, translate them into Russian and sign the translation at the notary.
In the case of a long stay in Russia will issue a local driver's license. This should be done after obtaining registration at the place of residence, if you are a citizen of Russia. A foreigner should exchange rights within two months after receiving a residence permit in the Russian Federation.
Please contact the traffic police authorities at the place of residence of their rights, as well as a passport with a residence permit or another document entitling you to stay in Russia. Also, predvaritelno obtain a medical certificate stating that you are able to drive a car. It you can issue a public health clinic or private medical center.
Sign up for the exam for a driver's license. The traffic police will let you program these tests and set a date for their passage. Their successful completion will receive the Russian driver's license.