Before you start over, all carefully ponder, organize a family Council, on which each family member should Express their opinion on the matter. Chat with friends, view magazines and programs on TV - with their help, you will get a lot of interesting and useful information. Draw on paper a schematic drawing of the second floor of a room, draw it the way you would like to see.
To begin, you should obtain expert advice on the bearing capacity of the floor of the room and its suitability for the erection of this building. Ask for help to the expert, while he monitored the correctness of their performance, especially the reliability of the connection beams. If necessary he will carry out the most complex transactions and help resolve complex issues.
Remember that to create the room on the second floor you will need a lot of building material. Everything should be carefully planned out and prepared in advance.
First of all install the strong frame of timber. Then on top of the frame lay the beam of timber. The whole construction should be very carefully attached to the floor and the walls. Attach it with the help of special brackets. Pre-purchase them at the hardware store.
Timber work must be well dried. It is better to take glued, as it is most durable and completely ready to go. Pay special attention to the most serious work, especially the connections of details from wood. Then your "double room" will bring you joy for years to come.
After you install frame, cover the floor of the second floor boards. Their size and thickness depends on the intended load on the structure. Then put all your efforts and to realize their dreams. Make room like you always wanted to see her.
The stairs and the railing on the second floor do depending on the capabilities of the area and their imagination. It can be made of spiral or stairs with a large angle of inclination.