You will need
  • card of the savings Bank;
  • account in the savings Bank;
  • - the passport.
If you have a card or account at the savings Bank, you can repay the loan using Internet banking. System "Carbacholine" allows you to manage your money in different ways, and among the services provided by it, the ability to transfer funds to the loan. The same conditions offers a "Mobile Bank" of Sberbank.
For those who have concluded a service agreement, that is, opened in the savings Bank account, the opportunity to extinguish the credit through various self-service devices. These include any ATMs and terminals of Sberbank. To do this you need using the selected device to transfer money from my account to one that is designed to repay the loan.
Any ATM equipped with a bill acceptor, or information-the payment terminal with similar capabilities will be added to a credit account, making the money directly in cash.
Another way: to be in the office of the savings Bank and offers banking employee who will make money. For this you will need a passport.
The savings Bank allows to extinguish the credit by transfer from other banks, while the balance must be paid on the credit card account issued by Sberbank of Russia.
Those who have constant work, you can ask the accounting Department to issue instructions to regular payment of wages on the specified details. In this case, you have installed part of the wages every month to go to the loan, and you will not have to worry about anything.
It is possible to issue a long instruction about transferring money directly to the savings Bank, if you have a card issued to them. It is permissible to use a payroll card. Similarly, you can solve the problem, if you have an account on Deposit the order for repayment is issued on it.