Treat people easier. If you are hurt and you can't forgive, look at the situation from the outside. Imagine that several years have passed, all the circumstances have changed. From the height of time the problem would seem a minor fact, not worthy of attention. Or summon a sense of humor. Translate the problem into a joke, laugh at it, you will immediately become much easier.
Sometimes vulnerability lurking fear of criticism. Look to yourself, to your feelings carefully. Maybe you are overly worried about people's reaction to your clothes, words, actions? Try to perceive yourself as unique, individual person, worthy of respect and appreciation. Then other people's opinions and views will not cause a sharp emotional pain.
Try to get rid of it is naive view of the world. Do not idealize people and relationships with them. Otherwise, the inevitable disappointments and the heartbreaks. The reality could be much more interesting than any romantic fiction. You only need boldly to meet it, and not hide.
Do not turn in their own loneliness, do not keep a grudge. Bolder make friends and I more often in society. Thanks to its high sensitivity, you can penetrate the other person's feelings and to turn them in their favor.
Do not allow to manipulate yourself, do not attempt to use your excessive sensitivity. Learn to resist the manipulators. When confronted with rudeness, do not run away and counter her inner strength and character.
Try your disadvantages turn into advantages. Do not be afraid of your vulnerability. Largely because of this quality available to you the nuances of the knowledge of the various aspects of life. You a greater sense of joy, happiness and pleasure. Your life due to these feelings more fully and more richly than other people.