Usually, the baby begins to demonstrate the ability to any lesson in the age of 4-5 years. However, it also happens that extraordinary talent can be seen already at age of three. Look closely at your baby: watching him will help you determine what classes he likes. The main thing - understanding the child has a tendency, please note that the coercion only increases the rejection. A favorite activity is to bring pleasure and joy.
The artistic abilities of the child, as a rule, manifest itself in 2-3 years. You will notice that the Hobbies of the kid – drawing, application, modeling. Watch: baby sees more colors than his peers, and distinguishes between shades pays attention to details, objects in the background.
Does your toddler love to sing? Look to him, not to miss the musical talent of the child. In addition, he is able to play music after hearing it only once, the baby is also able to move rhythmically. He sounds sincere when he sings, interested in musical instruments. Some children love to imitate famous performers.
Your baby from an early age enjoyed listening to and reading books, he soon learned to read, quickly remembers and likes to tell lyrics. Watch him: maybe you have a growing future actor or writer. Such children have a rich imagination and a large vocabulary. The child likes to write stories, he is well able to Express their emotions and to imitate the heroes of fairy tales or cartoons.
Please note that children who are gifted intellectually, have great knowledge in different areas or in any one. They like to read encyclopedias, they are capable of deep analysis, able to be critical of the facts. As a rule, such children quickly learn new material and easy to learn. Perhaps a future scientist, you will be able to recognize in your child, who is interested in numbers; easily focused; likes to consider all; play Board games; to take apart toys to see their device. He likes to collect puzzles, to solve puzzles and riddles.
Athletic endowments provide the child among his peers dexterity, good coordination of movements and physical form. If your toddler loves to run, compete with friends, soon mastered the bike, it just boils energy, please note that this does not mean that he was not given intelligence. Just the most interesting thing for him to do sports, to get satisfaction from physical fatigue.