The BIOS is a basic system I/o, allowing you to control the connection and disconnection of various devices on the computer. To enter the BIOS need to press a certain key or key combination. The way to enter BIOS may be different on different motherboards, but usually it's the Del key, F1-F5, F10, in any case, on the screen there is always a hint Press (function key or Ctrl+Alt+Esc) to enter setup.
Have you entered the BIOS. Management in the BIOS is through your keyboard's directional arrows and the Enter and Escape keys. Find the Advanced tab in the find Integrated Peripherals, then OnBoard Lan. If the contrary is the status Enabled (Enabled) – click Disabled (Off). In another version of the BIOS may need to find the Onboard Chip Configuration and mark Ethernet Controller: Disable. In other versions focus on the word Lan. Remember that the manipulator of the mouse in the BIOS is not working and all the actions you need to take when using the keyboard.
Exit to the main menu and select Save & Exit setup (Save settings or similar inscription or F10). A window will appear confirm the saving of settings. Press Y if you agree to save changes – if not, press N. the Computer will go to reboot.
After rebooting the network card will become inaccessible and will not be displayed in the operating system. You can install a new card.
If you are unable to find BIOS para e disable the network card and the computer does not load the OS because of an error again, go into the BIOS. Locate the tab and select Halt on No Errors, this will allow you to boot the computer in case of any error. Similarly, in the tab Halt On Errors select None.