Advice 1: How to return the ticket to the concert

In most cases concert tickets are not cheap. Therefore, the desire to return money for them is quite natural in case of cancellation of the event or impossibility to visit it. Moreover, the law in this case is on the side of the consumer.
How to return the ticket to the concert
You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - a ticket to the concert.
If the concert was cancelled, you have every right to return spent on the ticket money or exchange one ticket for another. This area is regulated by the Law "On protection of consumer rights" and the offender may be brought to administrative responsibility.
To return the money, first try to contact the ticket office where you bought a ticket and asked to return the money. If they refuse to do it, ask them about the organizer of the concert event and find its legal address.
Write two similar statements with the request to return money for the ticket for the cancelled concert, please attach a copy of the ticket and give one copy of the documents to the main face of the company responsible for organizing the concert. For the second statement, he needs to put his signature on the receipt. If he refuses to accept them, send the documents by registered letter with notification and list of enclosures. At the expiration of 30 days from the date of delivery, he is obliged to return the money.
Not waiting for their money in the first month, feel free to hire a lawyer and go to court. Do not forget to ask the court to recover from the organiser the cost of your representation and compensation of the caused moral harm.
To return the ticket you have the right to if I decided not to go to the concert. According to article 32 of the Law "On protection of consumer rights" you have the right to refuse services at any time, subject to the payment to the organizer incurred expenses. At the same time, article 252 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation of 05.08.2000 year, says that all expenses must be justified and documented. If the organizer will confirm by documents the expenses incurred, you will be able to get only part of the amount.
To return the ticket and get back money first, talk to the cashier or the guidance of the organizer of the concert, based on these laws. If this does not work, proceed as described above.
When the money was not returned within 30 days, try to write a letter of complaint to the local Committee for culture. It will fully explain the situation and attach a copy handed statements about refund. Last resort will be court.

Advice 2: How to sell concert tickets

If the tickets for the concert must be ordered on the company is impossible to foresee everything. Someone may be urgent matters or simply the abyss of the desire to go to the concert. In this case, the arms are at least a couple of tickets, which are impossible to pass. But this does not mean that they will lie dormant – you can always sell them to others. Method of sale depends on how much time is left before the concert.
How to sell concert tickets
If to a concertand stayed more than two weeks, you can count on social networks and message boards, both those that are located in the Internet and in Newspapers. To advertise the sale of tickets at a reduced price to social networks – in groups and on fan pages devoted to this concert. Use newspaper free classified ads.
If to a concertand less than a week, you will have to spend a little more time and nerves. Try to resell the tickets to those who buy tickets at the box office – depending on how lucky you are, you can sell the tickets for like half an hour, and for a couple of days.
Ultimately, if time is very short, you can sell tickets right before the concertohms. Sometimes people have spontaneous desire to go to a concert, but to get a ticket in no time. Come to the venue of the concertand for a couple of hours before the start and offer tickets. Remember that if you want to sell tickets fast, you need to make a discount from the base price of the ticket.
Useful advice
Depending on the status of the event you can even earn on the resale of tickets, for example, if all the tickets were already sold out.
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