Best phone to wear the clothes, not in her purse. Develop the habit of keeping the device in a pocket. Always close it with a zipper or buttons. When the device is in one place, you get used to feel his presence. If he suddenly disappears from normal space, it will be immediately obvious. Minus wearing your phone in clothes is that it, firstly, clearly visible from the outside, and secondly, the fabric from the device is wiped.
If you use a wired headset, go with her. You can listen to radio or music from your phone. Cell phone, sneaking out of the pocket, especially when the person in heavy winter clothing sitting rides on public transport – is not uncommon. People constantly lose their phones this way. The headset will allow you to feel the presence of the device, so if it falls, it will be immediately obvious.
In most cases, adults have the phone is not lost, but is pulled out by thieves. Especially vulnerable are those who travel in public transport during peak hours, in the crowd. While a stranger to pull the device out of your pocket is not always possible, but from the bag – very simple. Girls especially often carry phones in their handbags, and it is better not to do it.
Phone covers are created seemingly to protect the mobile against loss or theft, but often they even encourage it. Snap-on covers very often have magnetic clasps, which will eventually weaken, and may even begin to spontaneously open up. And if the phone is kept only in the closure from the case, he can easily fall from the bag itself. Therefore, do not rely on the case.
Often, phones lose their children. They can accidentally dropping the device out of your pocket, leave it on the Playground, at school or away. Encourage your child to always hold the phone in one place, check its presence and not to get unnecessarily. Tell him that it is not necessary to walk the streets with your mobile in hand, not to provoke the bullies to steal.