Read the materials of the case, which should be specified the exact amount that you must pay the plaintiff and its correct details.
Select the most convenient method of payment of the judgement.
At the conclusion of the trial, the plaintiff must obtain the appropriate writ. The plaintiff will give the writ to the bailiff for execution. Accordingly, the court bailiffs for execution is to initiate enforcement proceedings. You will get the definition, specifying payment of a certain amount within five days. Remember that it is in your interests to make the required money by the plaintiff within the specified period.
Pay received judicial determination, using the details of the plaintiff which were therein specified.
Use another method of payment of the judgement. Make the necessary amount, which was determined in the course of the trial, directly to the account that gave you the plaintiff (the Bank account and all the essential details on which you can pay the court the decisionmust be contained in the case file).
Pay the required amount, which was determined with reference to any judicial decision directly to the applicant in cash. In this case, this can be done through a notary, who must document to certify the fact of payment and transfer of money.
You can also pay the amount in cash to the claimant, without the assistance of a notary. In this case, we get from the plaintiff a receipt, which must specify the passport data of both parties, and also confirmed the fact of transfer receipt of relevant cash amount. Remember that without this document funds, it is better not to pass.