First place the act of the form KM-3. It is an act of "refund amounts to customers on unused cash checkam (including mistakenly punched a cashier chequeam)".
Attach (pin) the cash receipt (incorrect) directly to the completed Act of the form KM-3.
If necessary (in case of use in cash register thermal paper), make a copy of the cash receiptand also attach it to the previously completed Act.
On checke, which was punched erroneously, check the box "Settled" (if such a checks few, put a similar mark on each number voided check).
Write a letter of explanation addressed to the Director (or the head). Describe in the notes the reason for which a cash receipt was incorrectly punched. Specify one of these causes, such as carelessness when working with a cash register machine, or the same failure occurred for the control-cash machines.
In the relevant journal of the cashier-teller enter certain data. In the column of the magazine at number ten, write down the information of the entire revenue for the day, and the amount specified in the revoked checknot subtract from the total. In the column of the magazine at number eleven enter the total revenue from the value which the sum of the revoked checkand was deducted. In the column of the magazine number fifteen details, in relation to the total amount of the checkam that is incorrect or wrongly has been broken (i.e., cancelled checkam).
After filling out the log, make sure that the amount that is specified in the log at number ten is the total amount of indicators, which are indicated in the graphs of log eleven and fifteen.