Choose a model of good material – thick, but fine cotton, wholly or with the addition module and tactile. These shirts hold their shape well, does not lose its qualities after washing, the fabric remains smooth and keeps Shine.
Pick any color shirt. You are not required to buy only the classic white or light model. Very fresh and true look shirt striped, printed pattern, pattern with contrast collar and cuffs. Try dark and bright shirts in specialized stores you can find very interesting colours – bright blue, purple, pale lilac or lemon yellow.
Pay attention to the style. If you plan to wear the shirt untucked, buy a model with a rounded bottom line. Very nice slightly fitted shirts. For special occasions fit shirt with double French cuffs worn with cufflinks.
If you plan to wear a shirt at home or on vacation, can buy a model one size larger or use the shirt of her husband. Try it with skinny jeans. The contrast between the loose top and tight bottom looks very interesting and gives the figure a new proportion. The owners of the bulk of the bust, this ensemble may not be appropriate, but it not only eliminates the extra inches in the waist and smooths the contrast between the narrow laments and massive thighs.
The white shirt of the finest cotton, complemented by cufflinks and a narrow skirt-pencil in combination with shoes with high heels, will give you the appearance of a femme fatale-vamp. Want to create a more solid way? Change the skirt on the silk pants, over shirts wear the jacket-tuxedo. You get quite a evening option.
The cotton shirts of different colors will easily replace casual blouse. Wear them with business suits, pants and skirts of fine wool, tunics and jackets of different styles. Examples of men's shirt, do not overdo the jewelry. Use a simple clock, inconspicuous ring and pair of earrings-studs.