The most problematic in the study – conventionalism. Every day one and too, begins to irritate even the best students. Of course, to diversify the business of the teacher, but rarely find one that can do it. So you need to see in lesson their advantages. Psychologically, you need to explain to myself that knowledge is very important and without them anywhere. To overcome the routine of the lesson, avoid distractions, and give yourself to the process. Listen to the teacher carefully, try to answer all his questions.
Create for yourself a competitive system. You can even coordinate it with the parents. For example, you must obtain a certain number of good marks in physics. Think of a reward for good execution of this job. Find a hobby that will be associated with the study. Stamp collecting leads to great knowledge. You begin to study the history, geography, archeology and other Sciences. Therefore, the lesson you will be interested in new knowledge.
Do not put the purpose to force myself to learn. When the person himself makes, it is not rarely leads to negative results. The study may be bored forever. Strive for the passion of teaching. Plan your time to study. Never do your homework more than two hours. During this time, you can get tired enough that no amount of knowledge you no longer need. In this lies the root of all evil, which makes you lazy. The more people spend time on the lessons, the more routine they are.
You can experiment with the time for lessons. Most students spend time lessons after school. That's why they don't want to do homework, as already tired of school. You can try to do homework in the morning before school. In the morning head works much better, besides you are doing the kind of exercises before the main school.
Develop the will to learn. Tell yourself that you will not be able to break algebra. You will do it, whatever it was. Performing these guidelines, you will work with redoubled zeal, and learning will be easier.