Worst of all, when everyone is doing seemingly well, and home perform, and teachers listen carefully, and to five and do not reach. So what exactly is missing to "excellent" and what you need to do in order to get to your table it was a pleasure to watch?

First, determine: why you need to become an excellent student? Because valuation often is not an indicator of intelligence. Of course, this does not mean that they do not pay any attention, but too eager to chase the fives too, is not: so ill.

If you have seriously decided to begin to study only perfectly well, is to take themselves five fly: you need patience, diligence, perseverance, commitment. Not do without self-study as a teacher physically for the lesson, can't pay attention to each student – students the teacher 30-45, and the lesson lasts 45 minutes.
First of all tune to the positive. Often self-doubt and fear of the teacher arise a stumbling block on the path to good grades. Don't program yourself that Anna Petrovna never put an " a " in biology, or even begin to teach geometry, because "all for nothing".

Many people can not be excellent due to the fact that the lessons seem to be all listening, outline, answer questions, but the homework are not serious. Especially serious perceived oral assignments, if asked of non-written work, so do not ask. But it is impossible to understand a new topic for a 45 minute lesson on her need to think and work independently.

Most students do their homework at the last minute. But it is advisable to sit down for a lesson on the same day, when this job was set to go in hot pursuit. Thus, the information obtained is not forgotten, and to do the job will be easier. Plus, if the task is too complex, you will have enough time to deal with it yourself or with the help of the teacher.
Paraphrases and poems is also better to start learning in advance.

Rules, theorems, etc. it is advisable not to memorize, but just a few times to carefully read, carefully analyze, and understand. And then there is nothing to learn don't have, you have all realized, and this information is stored in your head. Also do not need to learn proofs of theorems, the best way to understand and remember is an independent walkthrough. First you'll get a peek at the book, but then be sure to remember this theorem.

Some may not become high achievers because they are afraid to ask questions and talk about what is not understood. Sometimes it happens that the teacher is addressing the class, asks "does Everyone understand?", and the children nod in unison, and then independent work found that half of the class did not understand.

Do not be afraid to wonder, to clarify. After asking the question, you do not recognize your stupidity, on the contrary, it suggests that you are interested in the subject and want to understand the topic. Teachers like it when students participate in class, demonstrate interest. Better to ask questions and to understand everything as it should be, rather then to fall into a stupor during the test.