Ask the Bank branch Manager what programs of acquisition of housing that are currently available. Depending on this select the appropriate option.
Collect necessary information on a specific mortgage program. Find out if there is a need to attract co-borrowers, if there is enough help in the form of personal income tax or need to provide additional documents with your last job. Make copies of the passport pages. Talk with a specialist, he will make you a preliminary schedule of payments for a specified loan amount.
Locate housing. This is necessary because the contract of sale of a house or apartment with the assistance of a mortgage loan you will need to include your address and to make the assessment of dwellings in the document. Do the Bank employees.
Prepare the necessary documents for the acquisition of property and take them to the Bank. There you have to say how much time it will take for a background check. If approved, the Bank will direct you on the future place of residence of the appraiser, who will make a conclusion about the cost of the apartment or house.
Insure the property, it is done simultaneously with the contract conclusion-sale and purchase, at the stage of registration of the mortgage. The insurance will have to pay the required amount.
Open a Bank account in the organization. The savings Bank requires customers to have new checkbooks for all types of mortgage lending with the purpose of transfer of funds in the future on account of the Bank for the use of a mortgage loan. In the cell you put the right amount, you will withdraw yourself or hand over the keys to the seller. And from the savings account will pay a monthly premium to the Bank, after adding to it.
Sign the Treaty, two of them, and as many copies as the parties stated in the document. One copy remains with the Bank, you have the second and third from the seller. You need to examine all items, especially to pay attention to the payment procedure and liability of the parties and penalties for non-payment.
Notarized agreement is not necessary, after registration in the registration chamber of the contract of purchase and sale, you can transfer the money to the seller in full.