You will need
  • - 2-3 colors of yarn;
  • - spokes.
Stripe horizontal is the most common type, as it's easy to do in the course of knitting. However, we must remember that the stripes associated hosiery, and garter viscous, will look totally different. For any of the described sample dial on the spokes of the 20 loops. Don't forget that in each row the first (edge) loop must be removed not promazyvaya, as it forms the smooth edge of the blade.
Knit socks in stripes. Pick up the thread of two colors, e.g. white, and blue. Start to run a sample yarn of blue color. 1,3,5 ranks provarite the front loops. 2,4,6 do reverse loops, that is the pattern. Before you start knitting a number of different color, attach the new (white) thread on the free end of waste (blue) yarn. Now also remove the first edge of the loop and knit the thread of white color the same number of rows. The string performed strip previous colors, do not cut as 6 rows again, will continue to work with yarn of a contrasting color. Change of colors complete with the same hand.
Knit in garter stripes. The entire sample only knit facial loops. If thread were the same color, the difference between front and back sides would not be. However, when knitting a contrasting thread appears difference. Provarite 2 rows in blue yarn, then 2 rows white. Repeat this procedure several times and compare the two sides. On the front side are strips, each in 2 rows. From the back contrast stripes arranged in 2 times more often.
Stripes vertically to knit a bit more complicated and takes more yarn. Follow the thread of blue color the first row of facial loops, purl the second. Now start knitting 3 rows. In the beginning tie a white thread, which will start operation. Remove the first edge loop, then the whole number provarite front loops: 4 white, 5 blue, 5 white, 5 blue. Threads of contrasting colors trim and stretch freely on the reverse side, that is at work. In the back row, loose thread will be located before work.
Strip diagonally fit similar to the stripes vertically only with a slight difference. 3 row provarite similar to the above scheme 4, a number of run on the figure. 5 in row "slide" each color on one loop (2). As a result, get facial canvas with diagonal stripes.